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GIZ Guinea Training, April 2019

GIZ in Guinea had found that their expanding operations had taken a toll on driver specific responsibilities. This year TGS Technical Training team visited GIZ Guinea twice, once in January and more recently in April, training a total of 40 participants.

GIZ offered this safe drivers course not only to their drivers but also to Project Managers, Logisticians and Security officers. They believed that all these responsible roles needed to participate to gain an understanding of the role and responsibility of a professional driver as an ambassador for their organisation.

Observing the differences from one event to another, it could be seen that the investment in training and the progression of achievement was encouraging and positive. It was evident with the second training visit that the new participants were keen, engaged and had lots of enthusiasm to learn and develop. They were fortunate to learn some skills that had been passed down from our first visit in January. Those who had also participated in January followed the new learnt behaviours and demonstrated their skills when collecting our team from Conakry International Airport.

The courses were held in Mamou, 270kms from Conakry. Despite the relative short journey, due to immense traffic conditions and poor road conditions the drive took at best 1 day of travel. Recently, in April TGS were also unfortunate to experience two days of travel from Conakry to Mamou. Fortunately, upon arrival in Mamou our team and participants were made to feel welcomed throughout their stay.

On both occasions, the training courses comprised the theories of the roles and responsibilities of a driver, safe recovery exercises, key 4x4 driving principles and preventive maintenance procedures. Both groups were assessed and evaluated according to our professionally accredited standards. Seeing such positive learning developments with the first group of participants, GIZ had also implemented our assessment methods to provide a recruitment benchmark in their driver recruitment process.