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TGS test vehicles

  • When a new Toyota model arrives in Gibraltar one of the first units is delivered to the TGS test fleet.
  • This vehicle is then used for sales and technical training/familiarisation by the TGS training department.
  • Once the familiarisation process is finished the vehicle is passed over to the TGS Technical department to produce and validate the normal range of options as required by TGS clients.
  • These options are made available for sale. After this, the test vehicle is then registered and undergoes a series of tests both on and off road to evaluate its capabilities within the TGS range of vehicles.
  • For the next few years the vehicle will be used by TGS Training department for client off road training both in Gibraltar and overseas. At any one time TGS can hold a test vehicle fleet of up to 12 vehicles which are used in this way.
  • In our opinion this represents the best way to really get to know our vehicles.