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Driver Training Course - (Basic and Advanced)

Course summary

  • Eco-driving principles and techniques
  • Basic and advanced driver training available
  • Road safety, know your vehicle, basic recovery and guidance advice
  • Save fuel and maintenance costs

  • Between the 11th and the 18th of June 2012 Toyota Gibraltar (Cor Hendriks) executed a driver training for our 12 drivers. We have formed two groups of 6 persons each; during 3 days the participants were trained theoretically and practically with the preparation, handling, maintenance and all technical aspects of our 4x4 vehicles. Additionally, the drivers who will operate the newly delivered SOFA vehicle (protected vehicle) were trained in a 2-day course. I highly recommend such a specialised training as there are many additional features in this type of vehicles and special maintenance requirements which are required for these vehicles. Since there are no user manuals in French many outstanding issues were clarified. I think in future such training should be purchased with each new SOFA vehicle as the “know-how” for these vehicles is lacking in many missions. The feedback received from the participants was overwhelming. The trainers had to work overtime every day to answer all the questions. As a result our local logistics officers were provided with important assistance towards the vehicle maintenance and control of consumption, oil, etc. and how to make improvements. For a mission like ours, with nearly 20 vehicles in a challenging, steep terrain, maintenance and the know-how about of the proper use of the vehicles is of great importance. As we have no Swiss logisticians on site and a local staff member is in charge of the fleet coordination, this kind of professional input is very valuable. I am happy to recommend Toyota Gibraltar and hope that other missions with a similar profile to ours can benefit from such a training event.
    Markus Troendle, Facility Manager, Cooperation Suisse DDC