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Vehicle Inspection

Receiving a new vehicle

The official hand over of your order is a crucial part of the delivery process. When taking delivery of your vehicle(s), it is important to check the physical condition for any damage that may have occurred during transit. It is also important to check that the contents have not been tampered with and no items or parts are missing. It is therefore imperative that you do not sign a Clean Receipt for the vehicle without checking it first. Any damage or loss must be recorded on the delivery note. If any damage or missing items are not recorded on the delivery note the shipping line or freight forwarders will not accept responsibility, thus making a claim against them will not be possible.

TGS have produced a simple Vehicle Inspection Form that may assist you during the inspection process. Any findings can be recorded on this form. TGS will also include a Receiving a New Vehicle Checklist with the shipping documents sent to you which highlights all the points to follow once your order has been shipped.

The following video illustrates how TGS would typically inspect vehicles when these arrive in Gibraltar from the factory.