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What is Fleet Management

The role of fleet management is to oversee, coordinate and facilitate various transport and logistical related activities. It underpins these activities through the management of the assets used.

Why manage assets?

Managing assets helps us to analyse the running costs and financial costs of a project. These two areas should be analysed closely as they will have direct impact on overall cost savings, improvement on safety and internal reporting. This information will therefore help in the decision making process of project activities.

Benefits of managing your fleet

  • Control running costs
  • Direct focus on financial costs
  • Positive impact on road safety
  • Progressive impact on environment

7 step process to good fleet management

How can TGS help you?

Vehicles and Accessories

As part of the Toyota Direct Sales Scheme, TGS will provide guidance and consultancy to choose vehicles and related accessories, following manufacturer recommendations and local regulations/conditions.

TGS training courses

Our dedicated training department comprises of a team with experienced technical trainers. Our services include expertise and training courses in areas such as driver training, technicians, fleet management and training the trainers.