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Frequently Asked Questions

Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd (TGS) is the exclusively appointed distributor and official supplier of Toyota vehicles to The United Nations, International Government and Non-Government organisations worldwide.

We supply international aid and charity organisations involved in rapid relief and development projects.

Generally, these organisations would have an international head office in Europe, USA, Canada, or have some sort of international funding.

TGS supplies the most common vehicles used by such organisations and the U.N.

Our stock models are General Specification vehicles meaning they cannot be homologated, imported or used in Europe, USA or Canada as they are not EURO compliant. This is because the TGS direct sales scheme is set up to assist humanitarian organisations in developing countries and hence, the vehicles are manufactured and adapted according to the local infrastructure.

Toyota Japan carry out a thorough country analysis and investigation before initial manufacturing. The type of engine fitted for example would be the appropriate one that would respond to and be able to function on the lower fuel quality available locally. This is to ensure longevity of the vehicles usage serving the organisation and project adequately thereby reducing long-term costs to the organization with vehicle downtime for example. If the engine were to be very sophisticated like EURO x the local poor fuel quality would destroy the engine very rapidly.

TGS offers a wide range services. Apart from providing our clients with customized and tailored vehicles adapted to their specific and needs. We offer:

- Accessories for different client needs and different terrains

- Spare Parts

- Technical Training Services

- Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking Services

- Vehicle Insurance

- Client Advice

- Marine Cargo Insurance

- After Sales Support

Our vehicles are mainly destined for the African continent, as they are classified as ‘General specification vehicles’. For use in extreme terrain and climatic conditions. Equipped, for example, with a robust chassis and suspensions. They are fully supported in the country of destination by Toyota and in compliance with local regulations.

Notwithstanding this, our vehicles are exportable to other countries worldwide. However, since many

countries’ infrastructure and regulations are developing and changing very rapidly, clients would need

to contact TGS on a case-by-case basis. We are linked to Toyota Motor Corporation Japan’s (TMC’s)

Toyota Model Availability Listing, which confirms at that precise moment in time which models, if any,

are available for a specific country. Due to the nature of this ever-changing listing, clients would check

with TGS on a case-by-case basis as and when the need arises.

Yes. TGS stocks both LHD and RHD vehicles. Click here view the TGS Stock Overview

TGS stock both LHD and RHD vehicles. The letter within the model code determines if it is a Left Hand

Drive (LHD - steering wheel on the left) or a Right Hand Drive (RHD - steering wheel on the right) vehicle.

For example, HZJ76L-RKMRS-A2 denotes a LHD vehicle whilst HZJ76R-RKMRS-A2 denotes a RHD vehicle.

The pre-delivery inspection (PDI) is an inspection completed by the local Toyota distributor at the

final destination, which is essential in validating the warranty cover for your vehicle(s). This inspection

allows the distributor to check the vehicle and ensure that it is operating as it was designed, prior to

validating the warranty.

It is essential that this inspection be completed prior to placing the vehicle(s) into operation.

Full Toyota warranty and aftersales service is included in the price of the vehicles supplied by Toyota

Gibraltar Stockholdings Ltd (TGS). It is important to note that unauthorised traders cannot offer Toyota

approved in-country warranty and after-sales service. It is important to ask your vehicle supplier for

written proof from Toyota Motor Corporation Japan (TMC) confirming that the vehicles they supply are

covered by the manufacturer's official warranty.

The local Toyota Distributor will carry out a free pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and subsequently issue the

Toyota Warranty Booklet. It is important to note that the local Toyota Distributor may charge for the

installation of unassembled accessories, such as roof rack(s).

The Distributor will also carry out a 1,000 Km (or 5,000 Km depending on country of destination) service

check, free of charge except for lubricants, fluids or filters used, and will arrange the application of

warranty if necessary.

Please note that non-Toyota equipment fitted as a TGS option is not endorsed by Toyota and

consequently shall not benefit from the Toyota warranty and warranty service.

This non-Toyota equipment will be separately covered under warranty by TGS who will match the

conditions of the warranty of the original manufacturer. It is important that the Pre-Delivery Inspection

is carried out by the Toyota Distributor before the vehicle is put into operational use.

The warranty cover is fully transferable to the subsequent owner. Warranty coverage begins on the date

the pre-delivery inspection and when the Official Toyota Distributor completes warranty registration.

Please note that warranty repairs (parts and/or labour) will be carried out at no extra charge.

Pre-shipment inspections (PSI) are required when mandated by the government of the importing

country. Governments impose pre-shipment inspections to ensure that the price charged by the

exporter reflects the true value of the goods, prevent substandard goods from entering their country,

and mitigate attempts to avoid the payment of customs duties.

Contracts for pre-shipment inspections are usually reviewed on an annual basis by the relevant

countries. Importers may contact their local inspection companies, or freight forwarders for up-dated

information. Kindly note that many aid and charity organisations are exempt from the inspection

procedure, since the vehicle importation is not a commercial transaction but a donation from the NGOs

head office to their country office. This should be checked with the local authorities.

Countries requiring inspection vary and the agency carrying out the inspection varies. Please contact our

sales team for additional information on the process, and how inspection works when an order is placed.

The following countries require pre-shipment inspection but this may change at any time:

Algeria - Intertek

Congo - Cotecna

Liberia - Bivac

Togo - Cotecna

Central Africian Republic - Bivac

Democratic Republic of Congo - Bivac

South Sudan - Baltic Control

Zimbabwe - BV

It is best to check with our sales team at the time of order in case there has been any change in the country of destination.

Some organisations are exempted of pre shipment inspection depending on their registered status locally. This would need to be verified by the organisation/consignee with the relevant inspection bureau locally at the time of order.

Some countries only require a Documentary inspection, which is dependent on the value of the goods. If the values are below a certain amount, then it will be documentary inspection otherwise, it will be a vehicle inspection. It all depends on the order total and the value threshold that country in question has set (differs from country to country).

TGS does not know the values for each individual country as we are only informed whether it is a documentary or physical inspection once we receive the documentation from the inspection company.

We invoice in our standard default currencies; JPY (vehicles manufactured in Japan) or USD (vehicles manufactured in South Africa). Payment can be made in alternative currencies (EUR, USD or GBP) at a previously agreed rate by our accounts department. At quote stage however, you would only receive indicative pricing in alternative currencies due to exchange rate fluctuations.

All our vehicles are white. We do however have the option of a vehicle respray into the colour of your choice. This additional cost can be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

We have Spare Parts Packages available for each model; a Service Package and a Maintenance Package. The service package is shown with and without tyres. The maintenance package on the other hand includes tyres as standard.

Please note that when spare parts are shipped with vehicles, considerable savings can be made as the parts will be freighted inside the vehicle free of charge to the final destination.

We recommend that regular maintenance be performed at the local official Toyota distributor’s premises.

Incoterms® are International Commercial Terms. A standard set of rules which are used universally which define the responsibilities of buyers and sellers for the delivery of goods under the framework of a sales contract. Each Incoterm® will establish which party is responsible for shipping, insurance and tariffs/costs.

For more information about Incoterms®, click here to visit the ICC (International Chamber Of Commerce) website.

TGS normally delivers to end destination on either a Cost Insurance Freight (CIF/CIP) or Cost & Freight basis (CFR/CPT). Delivery takes places to the customs terminal at final destination.

Upon request, other Incoterms can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Regrettably, however, we are unable to offer DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).

Under all these incoterms, customs clearance, vehicle registration and payment of import duties/taxes is generally the responsibility of the consignee.