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  • Driver Operations in Mali - Investment and Development

    Executive Summary

    GIZ Mali believed that Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings could provide a solution for their vehicle fleet through the investment of technical training. After the civil unrest in 2015 GIZ Mali encountered the misfortune that some of their operational vehicles were stolen. Humanitarian operations were laboured, and the need to replace such vehicles was paramount. Such financial investment meant that new stock needs to be looked after. When the opportunity came up to train their fleet drivers, GIZ jumped on the concept of a Road Safety & Fleet Management training.

    About GIZ

    GIZ provides sustainable and effective solutions as an experienced service provider to assist the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation. GIZ Mali conducts activities to help build the capacities of the country’s central government, public authorities, municipalities, civil society organisations and the private sector.

    Topics: GIZ, GIZ Mali, Capacity Building, Humanitarian Aid, German Government, Sustainability, Mali.

    - Germany is one of Mali’s most important development partners.
    - GIZ Mali – 10 international staff, 130 national personnel, 1 development worker and 1 CIM expert working in Mali. GIZ Mali

    The Challenges

    During the civil unrest, some fleet assets were stolen. GIZ Mali’s operations were effected to some degree. They identified problem areas with their fleet such as environmental constraints; driving difficulties in harsh terrain and driving behaviour. A key issue was identified, and related to the preventative maintenance of these vehicles seeing that new stock had to replace stolen stock. This concept of preventive maintenance also provoked GIZ HQ’s, the notion to invest in a tailor made training course specific to the requirements and operations in Mali.

    The solution

    GIZ Mali contacted TGS to identify what solutions could be offered to improve fleet operations. Based on discussions and collaborative analysis, TGS provided a tailor made course providing solutions in road safety, driving principles, preventive vehicle maintenance, best driving practices and vehicle recovery.

    Show the results

    All national staff participants gained the required knowledge and met the course objectives. TGS recommended 4 participants who exceled in all aspects of the course and were considered to be the drivers’ point of contact for technical driver information and support.
    Six months after the first course GIZ embarked on a second training event. Humanitarian operations were on the increase and so were the numbers of vehicle assets and drivers. Seeing the positive results and technical implementation, 2 of the 4 participants on the first course undertook an advance course. Technical improvements and general attitudes towards the learnt concepts were outstanding and implemented throughout all vehicle related operations.


    Thanks for the report, it provides a useful instrument for some safety related lobbying. I’d also like to thank you and Jean-Philippe for the quality of your work. I hope we’ll manage to organize a second round and that we’ll meet once more.

    TGS Technical training - GIZ case study

  • Gibraltar services are excellent and the prices for your vehicles incomparable. We are enjoying the car we bought from you.
    The Nature Conservancy - Kigoma, Tanzania
  • I want to confirm that the vehicles have finally landed...exactly 37 days on the spot. That was awesome Bob to say the least. Thank you so so much. We now have the 12 cars parked at the WVZ offices. Pass my appreciation to the Gibraltar teams and all stakeholders. We in Zimbabwe are grateful for the great support we have always been receiving form your end. Thank you.
    World Vision, Zimbabwe
  • After several months of correspondence between us to complete the purchase and transport of the Landcruiser Hard-top78 from Gibraltar to Pointe Noire, our Association ACA2 Bordeaux-France would like to thank you and your colleagues for the good follow up of this case, would like to tell you that the Toyota has arrived in Pointe Noire on 20 August in very good conditions and in very good state. The vehicle was received by the ACA association (Association- Congolaise- Accompagner) for the destination of Brazzaville. Following our last mission in February 2016 in Brazzaville, we can communicate these few pictures that show the great value of the vehicle for the mobile team: this vehicle helps our team to be at the bedside of sick without being exposed to heat and going through muddy roads. The Toyota in Africa is a necessary "tool" to relieve the sick who are at home and experiencing great sufferance. We particularly appreciated your availability, friendliness and reliability for the follow up during this journey with several stages that had required vigilance and toughness.
    ACA2 - Bordeaux, France

TGS Roll cage

  • I was surprised to learn that we had an “opportunity” to test out the roll cage on the truck we bought back in 2010. A few weeks ago, Marion Medical Mission was installing protected water wells in rural Africa to help the people, someone was driving the truck back up from Lilongwe and “rolled” the truck – some say it rolled twice. The good news is that 2 people were in the truck and there were no injuries. The truck was actually still drivable enough to get back to our office in Mzuzu where it now sits. The glass was not even broken in the accident. Thank God for the roll cage.
    Jim Nussbaumer, VP - Marion Medical Mission

Land Cruiser HZJ76 and winch

  • Recently our teams travelled 1,100 mile to the interior of the Congo and selected to use the Toyota LC76 series vehicles we recently purchased. The vehicles handled the tough terrain of the Congo very well and the team members noted how comfortable the vehicles were on the long journey. We even got to use the winch as one of the vehicles got stuck in the sand and we were able to recover the vehicle easily. The Toyotas provide a much needed lifeline to those without access to healthcare.
    Andrew Rothwell, Africa Mercy Transportation Manager - Mercy Ships

TGS service

  • TGS has been one of CRS’s best performing suppliers for a long time now and we appreciate the sustained efforts by all those at TGS who have provided the best quality and customer service possible. We want to thank all at TGS for years of excellent customer service. Everyone we deal with at TGS is professional and offers great customer service. It is not easy for a supplier to sustain such a high level of customer service but TGS has year after year and we are grateful for that.
    Barry Ridgeway, Director of Global Procurement - CRS
  • I have been dealing with TGS for about a decade in fulfilling the ex-stock vehicle requirements for United Nations in Sri Lanka. During my tenure, the proficient service offered by TGS and its staff is remarkable.
    Chanaka Liyanage, Procurement Team - UNDP Sri Lanka
  • I have been working with UNDP for over 20 years, all of them involved in the procurement of vehicles for UNDP country offices, some of which are in crisis or conflict zones with logistical challenges. TGS focal points are customer service orientated, providing prompt quotations, excellent solutions for special one-off configurations and logistical solutions that ensure we get what we need to meet the challenges of the destination environment in the shortest possible time. I am delighted that we have TGS as one of our valued suppliers.
    Jennifer Nielsen - Procurement Specialist - UNDP Somalia

TGS technical training

  • Between the 11th and the 18th of June 2012 Toyota Gibraltar (Cor Hendriks) executed a driver training for our 12 drivers. We have formed two groups of 6 persons each; during 3 days the participants were trained theoretically and practically with the preparation, handling, maintenance and all technical aspects of our 4x4 vehicles. Additionally, the drivers who will operate the newly delivered SOFA vehicle (protected vehicle) were trained in a 2-day course. I highly recommend such a specialised training as there are many additional features in this type of vehicles and special maintenance requirements which are required for these vehicles. Since there are no user manuals in French many outstanding issues were clarified. I think in future such training should be purchased with each new SOFA vehicle as the “know-how” for these vehicles is lacking in many missions. The feedback received from the participants was overwhelming. The trainers had to work overtime every day to answer all the questions. As a result our local logistics officers were provided with important assistance towards the vehicle maintenance and control of consumption, oil, etc. and how to make improvements. For a mission like ours, with nearly 20 vehicles in a challenging, steep terrain, maintenance and the know-how about of the proper use of the vehicles is of great importance. As we have no Swiss logisticians on site and a local staff member is in charge of the fleet coordination, this kind of professional input is very valuable. I am happy to recommend Toyota Gibraltar and hope that other missions with a similar profile to ours can benefit from such a training event.
    Markus Troendle, Facility Manager, Cooperation Suisse DDC
  • I found the TGS Training to be both informative and practical. I particularly liked the fact that although the course was presented in English, my experienced instructor was able to provide assistance in Spanish as well.
    Alberto de Castro, Intl Ops Head, Spanish Red Cross
  • Our car fleet manager, Erwin Fürst, along with our focal point for IT and telecommunication equipment in Asia and America, Simon Joss, had the pleasure of participating in the above mentioned training organised by TGS. I have received a very positive feedback that I would like to share with you. The preparation and execution of the training has been excellent and the professionalism of your trainers Jean-Philippe Lezeau and Jan Bühler throughout the sessions has been key to the great success of the training. The flawless organisation and exceptional skills of the TGS trainers has been highly appreciated by all people involved. The participation of Fergus Duffy of TerraMar Networks with his in-depth knowledge of the fleet management system Tracpoint has cleared up all pending technical questions and reservations about the system. His customer oriented behaviour and flexibility throughout the training showed us that TerraMar Networks is able and willing to provide us with a professional, intuitive and cost-effective solution for the management of our challenging fleet setup.
    TGS Driver and Fleet Management Training - SDC - Haiti 2014
  • As a volunteer with the German Red Cross and as a trainer for the safety and security training and all above as 4x4 enthusiast since I got my driving license (now 27 years ago) I was very much pleased by the fact, that we got trainers which are not only extraordinary experienced, but are also very deep into the problems we encounter while being on a Mission. “Thank you for the training you gave us. We daily think about what you trained us in and passing the skills to our colleagues
    German Red Cross