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Frequently Asked Questions

As with all the TGS Technical training courses, the benefits gained by partaking in a course are increased road and mechanical safety, more efficient use of your assets and a focus and control of your organisations running and financial costs.

TGS technical courses are practical hands-on courses. We believe that participants learn through doing with theory and practice. Our courses are approximately 70% practical and 30% classroom.

TGS can facilitate technical courses in a destination of your choice. Our Trainers have experienced all continents globally. Another alternative is our location in Benadalid, Southern Spain and Gibraltar.

TGS courses can vary in length depending on the organisations needs and requirements. Our Coordinator will consult and advise the length of the programme once your learning needs are established.

Every participant receives a certificate of accomplishment once they have completed the TGS Technical training course. This will be sent to your organisation once the training course is completed.

TGS believes in continuous improvement and further development. Our Technical trainers will be happy to answer your queries. Please feel free to contact us.

The combined technical expertise of our Technical trainers exceeds over 100 years of driving, mechanics, engineering and fleet management. Our TGS trainers are flexible and adaptable to training people from novices to highly experienced candidates.

TGS course are tailored with the organisations need in mind. The location of the training, the number of participants taking part in the course and the duration of the course have an impact on the cost. For specific quotation please contact us with your enquiry.

For high quality training we tend to have a ratio of 6 participants for every trainer. So, for a large group of 24 we tend to have 3-4 active technical trainers available to facilitate a course.

Courses and supplementary material can be delivered in English, Spanish, French and German.