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Frequently Asked Questions

TGS vehicles are “heavy-duty” from factory. This means that they are already prepared for use in harsh or extreme conditions. Nonetheless, there are circumstances where a bespoke suspension may be required.

Changing the suspension affects the handling of the vehicle as you are altering the suspension geometry (camber, ride height, rake, etc…) and how the vehicle rides over obstacles , so changing the suspension has to be for an extreme or rare reason, e.g. armouring or carrying 800kg constantly.

We are often asked to change the factory suspension in order to obtain increased service life or longevity. This can come at a price whereby the ride quality is reduced and/or other more expensive parts of the vehicle are eventually worn out or damaged, when a heavy-duty suspension kit is incorrectly applied, e.g. like fitting a soft skin Land Cruiser 70 series with the suspension kit for an armoured vehicle.

In order to adequately address the need for a heavy-duty suspension kit, you should first check and confirm what you intend to do with the vehicle, where and how it will be used, including details on vehicle use, terrain and weather conditions.

Here are some sample questions you should answer when changing the factory suspension of your vehicle.

1) In what type of terrain will you use the vehicle most often?

2) What type of load are you carrying i.e. heavy and low or light but very big? This can affect the centre of gravity.

3) Are you having a bull bar and/or winch ?

4) Is your need purely for load carrying capacity, greater comfort or off-road effectiveness?

5) If you are towing, what is the weight of the trailer/load and is the trailer braked? Are you towing with a conventional 50mm tow ball or by eyes on the trailer with a pintle hook or combined ball & pin coupling?

Unfortunately we cannot ship fire extinguishers on their own as Hazardous Goods certification is required and not available in Gibraltar.

Batteries are not an issue as we only sell dry-charged batteries for the above mentioned reason (wet-cell batteries are classified as hazardous goods).

You can consult the TGS Parts department

For a parts request, the vehicle chassis number, detailed description of the items required, quantities for each item and the end destination of the eventual order are essential. If in doubt how to describe the part required, please provide as many images as possible (maximum size of 1MB each).