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Great for travelling, hiking or any time you need to monitor altitude, this device is the ultimate ready-to-go, go-anywhere altimeter.

The dual-purpose mounting bracket allows easy removal of the unit for use away from the vehicle. Quick-stick tape is used to install the bracket, eliminating the need for drilling.

This accessory is not fitted by our workshops as it is placed in the vehicle's transit safety box (Unless otherwise required by the customer).


  • Automobile altimeter
  • Hiking altimeter
  • Aneroid barometer with a dial calibrated in inches of mercury
  • Dimensions: 167x167x28mm
  • Range: 0 to 4,500m (15,000 feet)


  • Provides extremely accurate altitude readings from sea level up to 4,500m (15,000 feet) from reliable aneroid barometric movements
  • Easily adjustable to barometric changes.


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