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TGS expanding RORO shipping option

During the course of 2021 the global demand for container shipping has seen a significant upwards shift in pricing and reduced availability caused by supply chain bottlenecks and the continuing effects of Covid-19 across the globe. TGS had supply contracts that allowed it to maintain pre-Covid shipping rates for 2021.

TGS must now anticipate that rates for its container shipments will rise in 2022. As a countermeasure TGS has been working to provide alternative shipping methods and is looking to expand the RORO options it can offer. These are dedicated commercial vessels carrying self-driven cargo and designated as Roll-On-Roll-Off (RORO).

TGS will continue to focus on providing cost effective shipping solutions to ensure your consignments reach the final destination without delays and within donors budgets.

For more information about our global shipping options, please get in touch with our Sales Team or with the TGS Logistics Team.