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TGS delivers first ambulances for COVID 19 response

We are responding to many requests for vehicles (especially ambulance conversions) as agencies ramp up their own programmes to support the work at local levels as the COVID 19 pandemic spreads through many African countries.

Here we give details of just one of those – 4 Ambulances supplied to the Belgian Government for delivery to Democratic Republic of Congo.

- 23/03 First contact with Belgian Government agency (Enabel) about availability and possible ETS, followed by multiple conversations with HQ, field office, workshop and logistics about specifications, additional required medical options and airfreight.

- 03/04 Ready for shipment with medical options fitted (medical cabinet, sink, oxygen capability, main stretcher, supplementary stretcher etc…)

- 03/04 Departure from Gibraltar to Lieges, Belgium

- 11/04 Departure from Lieges and arrival at Kinshasa

Despite the many challenges (especially the urgency of the logistics), everybody pitched in and went the extra couple of miles to make it all happen, from Parts to gather all the required options, admin to get the documents ready, freight to organise the smooth shipment. 19 days from initial customer contact to arrival on the ground.

Read about the work being carried out in DRC here