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TGS Hilux 140 litre Fuel Tank – special promotion with Hilux Snorkel Accessory

When you purchase the Snorkel option alongside the 140 litre replacement Fuel Tank we will give you a special 10% discount on the price of the Snorkel.

Want to be able to travel longer distances before refuelling?

TGS has the solution with a 140 litre replacement fuel tank which is available for the new generation Hilux.

The capacity of the standard fuel tank fitted to the new generation Hilux is 80 litres which is a driving distance of approximately 800kms. The 140 litre replacement fuel tank option from TGS, which is expertly fitted by the TGS Workshop Team, allows you to travel approximately 1400kms without having to refuel.

For more information about the 140 litre replacement fuel tank option please contact our Sales or Parts departments.