Basic Life Support Ambulance

TGS has developed a Basic Life Support Ambulance conversion based on the rugged Land Cruiser Hardtop model. This vehicle incorporates wipe clean ABS injection moulded left & right side panels including individual compartments, drawers, storage areas and holding straps in order to maximize the working area and it includes very high specification medical equipment. It’s our top of the range ambulance conversion and was greeted with approval and enthusiasm when displayed for the first time at Aidex 2022.



Fitted Internal Equipment

Modular funiture side and ceiling panels with air vents and lighting kit
Partition with sliding window between driver and rear compartment
Vinyl non-slip flooring
12V D/C to 220V A/C power inverter 600W open_in_new
Rear compartment air conditioning unit
Emergency management console system
Fixed medical stainless steel refrigerator
Roof-mounted 12V electric ventilator
Extra 12V socket mounted in the rear compartment open_in_new
Tinted heat reflective film for rear compartment windows open_in_new
Over-head storage in the rear compartment
Ceiling-mounted IV track with bottle hooks open_in_new
Grab handles fitted in the rear compartment
‘Fasten your Seat Belts’ and ‘No Smoking’ decals open_in_new

Patient Transfer Equipment

Self-loading stretcher with mattress, adjustable backrest, wheels and locking device-width
Folding secondary stretcher includes a bag
Duo-folding stretcher storage clips open_in_new
Basket stretcher designed for hand, rope or helicopter rescue

Ventilation/Breathing Equipment

Fitted oxygen pipeline system with 10 litre cylinder and regulator open_in_new
Defibrillator comes with electrode pads and a soft case open_in_new
Portable electric medical suction unit open_in_new
2.7 litre portable oxygen therapy kit open_in_new
Portable ventilator with air entrainment valve includes an adult mask open_in_new

Sanitary Assistance Equipment

Adult splint set includes a bag

Diagnostic and Monitor Equipment

7" display multi-parametric patient monitor
Fixed mounted sphygmomanometer

Sanitary Assistance Equipment

Electric hand wash fixed unit
Hand sanitising dispenser
Hand paper towel dispenser
Collapsible waste bin fitted on the rear door

First Aid and Medical Equipment

Medical grab bag
Comprehensive first aid kit open_in_new

Fitted Driver Compartment Equipment

Reversing camera with monitor system open_in_new
AM/FM radio, CD/MP3 player with Bluetooth, AUX jack and USB ports open_in_new
1kg fire extinguisher with bracket open_in_new
Escape hammer includes seat belt cutter open_in_new
Remote control alarm with engine immobiliser, siren and sensors open_in_new

Under The Bonnet Equipment

Second battery with split diode and battery holder open_in_new
Fuel pre-filter kit includes spare filters
Charger for double battery setup
Front and rear axle/gearbox breather extension kit

Communications Equipment

Driver to rear compartment intercom system open_in_new
100W P.A. system with siren open_in_new

Off-Road Recovery Equipment

Pair of recovery tracks open_in_new
20 litre plastic water jerry cans open_in_new
Lockable double jerry can holder

Fitted External Equipment

Blue LED light bar
Front and rear blue LED warning lights open_in_new
Pedal operated rear retractable step fitted on the rear
60° tilt fixed working LED lamps open_in_new
Side-mounted LED working lamps
Auto-detachable shoreline electrical connector
Reflective liveries

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