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Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 - Now on the TGS meeting room terrace

The Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 has now successfully landed on its new home in the terrace of the TGS meeting room, but let’s see how it got there.

The marketing team started gathering ideas for the TGS meeting rooms during the summer of 2020. We went through various iterations and some of our ideas were discarded, but we eventually did conclude with a final idea for the TGS meeting room.

The BJ40 was manufactured in 1978. It was rebuilt and fully restored by the TGS workshops team to the vintage vehicle we see today. It has lived most of its life under the shelters of the TGS parking facilities and has unfortunately not received the appreciation it deserves.

To change this, we wanted to bring the WOW factor to our new TGS building and requested if the vehicle could in fact be placed on the terrace for better viewing. With the TGS management team happy to proceed, we then commenced working on the logistics.

A car capsule was purchased in order to protect the vehicle of the weather elements throughout the year, the preservation of the vehicle was one of our higher priorities.

The capsule includes a ventilation system that ensures it is inflated at all times and in addition there are dry packs inside the vehicle to remove moisture. The capsule will be operational 24/7 and will only be removed when requested for better viewing of the vehicle. This will ensure the BJ40 remains in the best conditions.. forever.

By design, the terrace is able to hold the weight of the vehicle, approx. 1.5 tons, however the patio tiles would likely cave in. The TGS Projects team made arrangements with the TGS Maintenance team to reinforce the floor tiling where the wheels of the BJ40 would rest. Four axle stands have been placed under the vehicle, they bare the weight of the vehicle so that the shape is preserved as the tyres eventually deflate over time.

The BJ40 was sent to a local car valeting company for full preparation prior to the move. It was cleaned with clay bars and given a full pro ceramic coating of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, this protects against UV rays.

The TGS workshops team also worked on the vehicle and drained it of all fluids and fitted with bespoke drip trays at Workshop 2.

A local company that has been helping with TGS was tasked to lift the BJ40 onto the building.

With the help of the TGS maintenance team, the BJ40 has been lifted to its new location on the 1st floor balcony in front of the Toyota Meeting Room, and displayed within a transparent capsule.