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TGS Technical Training with GIZ in Cameroon July 2017

Training Objectives

The goal of this technical training visit to Cameroon was for a driver and administration training of the Regional GIZ office in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The initial discussions, started in October 2016, after one of the GIZ project offices in Cameroon encountered some issues with their tires. Due to the intensity of the discussions, training was requested by GIZ Cameroon via the GIZ HQ in Germany.

Training Structure

a) Tire training with the GIZ Forest Program

• On the first day after our arrival we met with GIZ forest office to discuss their tire issues and to give a first explanation about tire choices and basic maintenance. (The drivers of this project participated as well later in the 5 day training course).

• During the training we realised that for the new Hilux models sold in Cameroon, the client has issues to purchase tires locally according to the specifications of TMC.

• After long discussions and explanations, the drivers realised that their tire choice of the 235/85R16 (instead of the 205R16 standard tire) did reduce the existing ground clearance of the Hilux instead of increasing it. Secondly they accepted as well that the tire was too big for the original wheel housing and touched the inside of the wheel arch when turning the tire to full lock.

For this event we had 9 participants.

b) 5 day driver training:

The training over 5 days covered the following subjects:

• road safety

• preventive maintenance

• daily inspection, paperwork etc.

• basic driving test

• convoy driving

• emergency braking: ABS vs non ABS equipped vehicles

• off road driving

• vehicle recovery techniques including air jack explanation and use

• final presentation and certificates

The certificates were handed out by GIZ Regional Director, GIZ Head of Security and GIZ Regional Head of Security.

On the driver training we had 21 participants from different GIZ projects in Cameroon.

c) Training of administrative staff members representing all the GIZ projects in Cameroon

This was a special request from the GIZ Regional office, with the simple aim to improve communication between the administrative part of the organization and the drivers.

• We explained the subjects covered during the 5 day driver training and how to link the new skills obtained by the drivers to the administrative needs.

• We showed the administrators where to find the relevant vehicle information in the owner’s manual (i.e. tire rotation, definitions of oils and liquids for the various parts of the engine and drivetrain etc).

• We showed the administrators the vehicles and the physical evidence of the above e.g. tire wear indicator, the chassis number identification plate etc.

• We demonstrated and explained various templates of fleet management tools such as fuel consumption data, maintenance cost templates etc.

• We presented the TerraMar fleet management tool. GIZ Cameroon Head of Security was impressed with the possibilities the system can offer.

For this event we had 18 participants.

Recommendations were made for the most suitable options and accessories to be fitted to the vehicles depending on the terrain and conditions most commonly found in Cameroon.


• This was a very specific training request from GIZ, covering more than the usual driver training program.

• It was very significant to add one day to the program to include the GIZ administration team in order for them to learn and understand the findings during the training.

• GIZ were happy with TGS “hands-on” approach; extending the training programme to Chad has also been discussed.