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TGS sponsors and attends Fleet Forum Conference 2016 hosted by GOAL in Dublin

Fleet Forum focuses its activities on 3 main areas, namely efficient and effective humanitarian action, increased fleet and road safety and improved environmental impact. It helps to identify opportunities for interagency cooperation and introduction of standards of best practise. It aims to reduce the number of road accidents by helping to create a culture of road safety within the humanitarian community and finally it promotes environmental codes of conduct for road transport that can be adopted by agencies worldwide.

The Conference theme was “Building Fleet Management Competence” and many of the major NGO and UN players were present to discuss various topics around this main theme. TGS had Fred Burgod, James Bruzon and Jean-Philippe Lezeau present to participate and contribute to the sessions which were full of lively debate and constructive brain storming. TGS also sponsored the main group dinner.

TGS fully supports and shares the aims and goals of Fleet Forum and hope to be able to continue to partner with Fleet Forum in their annual conference and other initiatives.