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TGS recently cooperated with Bioforce Institute to provide essential training

The Bioforce institute, based in Lyon, France, specialises in providing training to the aid workers of today and tomorrow.

It is internationally recognised and works closely with many of TGS's clients, including Expertise France (the French Government international cooperation agency) with whom they signed a partnership agreement in 2018 that will enable joint projects.

With over 2,600 people coming through the Institute every year, the Bioforce Institute has an international reputation for building the capacity of humanitarian professionals worldwide.

More than 120 courses are given, all specific to the humanitarian and international development sector.

The TGS team cooperates by providing training every year on best practice for safe 4x4 vehicle driving, recovery techniques, options and driver recruitment.

This year's session consisted of two groups of 24 and 16 students over 4 days.