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TGS Conversions – Secure Transfer Vehicle

Based on the Land Cruiser Hardtop 78 series, this Secure Transfer Vehicle (STV) is fitted with an internal security cage with access through the rear of the vehicle and can seat up to 8 occupants.

The front division is covered with clear Perspex so the driver/guard can monitor the rear of the vehicle. In addition, there is a roof ventilator fitted which is controlled from the front as well as a fan mounted on the front of the division to pass cool air to the rear area when required.

Also fitted with aluminium interior panels and a non-slip floor this makes it a suitable vehicle for secure transport.

In addition to the internal cage it is also possible to fit grille guards to the exterior of all the windows and windscreen if required to provide security to the occupants both front and rear.

For further information please email the TGS sales team