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TGS Ambulance conversions – COVID-19 Standard Ambulance Equipment

In the last month or so we have received many enquiries for fast delivery of ready-to-deploy ambulances as agencies scale up responses to the COVID 19 pandemic and as it becomes clear that the virus is now spreading through developing countries in the same way that it has spread elsewhere during the last several months.

Many organisations have clear guidelines for the equipment that each ambulance must carry, but for those agencies where this is not so clear we have put together a guide to highlight our ambulance conversion capabilities and explain what we believe should be considered COVID-19 Standard Ambulance Equipment as well as optional medical items and other accessories.

Of course, we remain at our customer’s disposal to supply and fit items which they require that are not mentioned here, but we hope the attached document is a helpful and practical guide to the most important equipment. Please always feel free to speak with your usual sale contact to build the most suitable ambulance for your needs.

View our Ambulance Conversion PDF

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