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Technical Training Event - Dhaka, Bangladesh

Between the 2nd and 5th October Gary Summers and Mark Link facilitated a bespoke mechanical training in Dhaka Bangladesh for the US Embassy and State Dept. in Bangladesh.

During the 4 day training course the main objectives were to give the mechanics based in the motor pool division of the US embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh a better insight into the use of the Toyota Diagnostic equipment used on the range of Toyota vehicles.

This covered the setting up of the equipment, connecting to the vehicle, diagnosis of faults and the rectification of faults found. There was also be an inspection of the facilities on site and of the general practices used in the maintenance of the vehicles.

A brief appraisal was given on all of the mechanic team following the training by the Diagnostic trainer. Due to the close proximity in the vehicles, the team was split up into teams of 3 - 4 to ensure they all had a good view of the diagnostic equipment in action.

Whilst they were not involved in the diagnostic training participants carried out general repairs /servicing on the large range of vehicles in the compound as required by the service schedules.