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Ride to the Rock - Challenge Completed

After cycling 55 days, 2000 miles (3,200km) through four countries, Andy Dennis and Tracey Hill rode into Gibraltar marking the completion of their ‘Ride to the Rock’ challenge to raise money for Médecins San Frontières/Doctors Without Borders.

TGS staff members congratulated them as they arrived at the TGS headquarters, which marked the finish line for their challenge. TGS sponsored the third and final stage of the challenge, Barcelona to Gibraltar. This stage of the journey proved to be the most challenging of all. Starting out from Barcelona, their route took them away from the coastal roads and further inland. This made for a shorter, more direct route but it also meant they encountered many challenging hill climbs in temperatures that peaked at 42°C. In order to avoid these dangerously high temperatures, Andy and Tracey took the decision to start cycling at 4:30am so that they would reach their target destination before 11am. This allowed them to ride in cooler conditions but also for them to enjoy towns that they stopped at along the way.

Andy and Tracey have now raised over £24,000 for MSF from Ride to the Rock which now brings their total fundraising to over £134,000.

If you wish to donate to MSF please visit the Just Giving page . If you would like to read about the 55 days of Ride to the Rock, please visit Andy’s website to read his daily blog.