Our heavy-duty tubeless tyre repair kit contains everything a handy driver needs to solve the problems of punctures when off the beaten track.

Complete with directions on its use, the kit contains special tools to clean and prepare the punctured area, plus a range of plugs and sealant designed to make successful re-inflation an easy option.

It provides an easy solution to punctured tyres and is built to withstand the test of time, providing a dependable service.


  • • Solid zinc alloy "T" handle construction
  • • Replacement insertion tool
  • • Lubricant
  • • Trim knife
  • • 20 repair cords


  • • Tough terrain increases the chances of punctures; therefore this can be considered an essential accessory
  • • Repairs punctures caused by nails, spikes or other road debris, without having to remove the tyre from the rim



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