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Applied to the windows of motor vehicles, the PROFILON © film reduces the risk of break-in, vandalism, projectiles and other outside attacks. In the event of glass breakage, Prof AM A1 initially holds the glass in the frame, minimizing the hazard from flying glass and hence the risk of injury.

In order to offer any real benefit in a safety or security application the glass must be removed from the vehicle and treated.

PROFILON © is only sold including installation. Installation is a critical factor to the success of the final result , not only from a visual standpoint but also in terms of proper security. Different types and sizes of glass and framing require different installation techniques to provide the best security results.

PROFILON © is fitted on all the side windows of the Land cruiser. However, PROFILON © cannot be fitted on the back windows of vehicles that have a curved profile. Instead, an alternative safety film is fitted on the back windows, providing lesser protection than PROFILON, but making them shatterproof nonetheless.


  • The PROFILON © AM A1 security film is a multi-ply laminate film with a thickness of 360 µm
  • Glass fitted with PROF© AM A1 meets the resistance specifications of Class A1 of DIN 52 290, P2A of EN 356, and UL 972


  • Impact-resistant (incendiary devices, projectiles, catapults, etc)
  • Explosion-resistant
  • Resistant to break-in (with hammers, etc)
  • Splinter-bonding
  • UV-absorbent
  • Please note - Profilon cannot stop bullets on conventional automotive window glass


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