For those looking for good pulling power, the WARN VR Evo 10S is a good choice.

With a 4,536kg (10,000 lb) rated line pull, this winch is ideal for heavier trucks, SUVs and Jeeps.

Big power and big torque at a competitive price.

The VR Evo 10S winch features IP68-rated waterproof construction, an ultra-reliable Albright® contactor inside a relocatable control pack and a state-of-the-art, two-in-one remote for added ease of use and versatility.


  • • Rated line pull: 4,536 kg (10,000lbs) single-line
  • • 12V series wound motor
  • • Remote control with wireless capability
  • • 3-Stage planetary gear train
  • • Gear ratio: 218:1
  • • Clutch (free-spooling)
  • • Synthetic rope: 27.4m, 9.5mm diam. (90 ft, 3/8 in dia.)
  • • Fairlead: Cast iron hawse
  • • Powder-coat finish


  • • Tough winch at a competitive price
  • • Built to confront adverse use and conditions
  • • Existing vehicle hydraulic installation not required
  • • Ability to operate the winch remotely
  • • Synthetic rope is stronger and lighter than steel cables
  • • Synthetic rope does not kink and is easier to use
  • • Synthetic rope can be tied and floats in water



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