Tow rope

Option code:ROPE


A tow rope can be very useful in getting you out of a fix.

If your vehicle breaks down, it might be safe to use this tow rope to get the car to a safer place so you can have it towed or make a repair.

Used correctly, a tow rope can be a life saver.


  • Tough, heavy-duty stitched hook retaining sleeves
  • Exhaustively tested for compliance with HSE requirements
  • Rolling load capacity: 3,000kg
  • Made from polypropylene twisted rope
  • Zinc-plated forged hooks resist rust and corrosion


  • Convenient for towing vehicles on roads
  • The elastic webbing design helps to prevent the rope from dragging on the ground during overrun
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Easy to coil and store


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