Winch recovery accessories

Option code:RECOV


With these winch recovery accessories, you have the peace of mind of carrying a purpose-built recovery bag filled with a selection of items that will come in handy the next time you get stuck.


  • Made from safety-orange heavy-duty canvas with a water-resistant coating
  • Reflective trim, padded shoulder strap, removable main pocket insert, big beefy buckles and fitted rubber base for durability
  • Two big pockets, a space for a snatch block and two small side pockets perfect for gloves and d-rings
  • Dimensions: 51x31x26cm


  • The customized sized bag ensures that your equipment is easy to store and accessible when you need it
  • Ideal accessory used in conjunction with a winch or recovery points
  • Rugged weather proof materials built to last
  • Includes storage bay to keep the accessories organized


  • One 8,000kg snatch strap
  • One 12,000kg tree trunk protector
  • One 4,500kg winch extension strap
  • One snatch block
  • Two 4,750kg bow shackles (19mm, 3/4inch)
  • A pair of leather gloves
  • One recovery damper


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