Ever found yourself in a slippery situation? Here is the traction solution you need.

Our flexible sand tracks are specifically designed to offer positive traction when you can't get any.

The tracks are designed to bend and flex to grip as much of the tyre as possible.

This is a very versatile product suitable for a wide range of vehicles and designed to work on sand, mud and snow.

They are sold as a pair and come in a heavy duty carry bag.


  • • Engineered for maximum traction in sand, mud and snow
  • • Quick release robust carry bag
  • • Galvanised steel cables and fittings
  • • Rungs manufactured from heavy duty rubber


  • • Innovative, easy to stow and easy to use in low traction conditions, such as loose sand, mud and even snow
  • • Designed to be easily deployed under the vehicle to deliver traction in marginal conditions



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