Lifting adapter for High-Lift jack

Option code:HIJLFTMT


Many trucks and SUV's have larger tires and/or lift kits that require extensive lifting height ability from the bumper jack.

The Lift-Mate is designed to operate in a manner that allows the vehicle wheel to be lifted directly from the wheel, greatly reducing the amount of travel up the jack bar needed to lift the wheel in an adequate and safe height.

This is an essential accessory for the High-Lift jack for vehicles that do not have a bull bar.


  • Lifting capacity: 2,273kg (5000lbs)
  • Rubber-coated hooks to protect the wheel
  • Rubber pad for protecting the tire and wheel


  • Allows the use of a hi-lift jack on a vehicle without a bull bar
  • Easy to use
  • Takes up little room inside the vehicle or recovery accessories bag



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