Codan automated link management.

Option code:CODCLM


Codan's automatic link establishment (ALE) calling standard provides built-in intelligence to automatically select the optimum channel (frequency) to ensure the best chance of linking and the clearest signal.

CALM™ (Codan Automated Link Management) is Codan's proprietary ALE that provides the Envoy radio with technology that is fully compatible with conventional standards ALE, but includes significant proprietary enhancements to improve performance.


  • Fully compatible with FED-STD-1045 and MIL-STD-188-141B ALE standards
  • Standard call types include: Selectivel, All, Phone, Message, Diagnostic and Emergency Call
  • Multiple networks can be scanned simultaneously
  • A profile of channel characteristics is developed over time using a 24 hour based Link Quality Analysis (LQA) database, which has over 7 times more storage capacity and uses a higher data resolution than conventional ALE systems. This significantly reduces sounding activities and enables the transceiver to select a suitable channel at any time of the day from the moment it is switched on.
  • The Listen-Before-Transmit capability detects both voice and ALE activities on the channel before initiating ALE. This avoids interfering on channels that are engaged


  • Automatic channel selection requiring no operator involvement
  • Compatibility with different manufacturer's ALE systems
  • Provides a dramatic improvement over conventional ALE systems
  • Creates multiple time–stamped entries for each channel/link in the LQA database
  • Reduces the number of sounding calls
  • Provides a self–managing network



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