Scoop stretcher

Option code:SCOOPF


Fast becoming the paramedics stretcher of choice, the scoop stretcher provides superior comfort and spinal immobilisation.

Versatile with an abundance of major benefits this stretcher can secure a casualty with a suspected spinal injury without them having to endure the risk of further trauma. It is ergonomically designed from high strength aluminium which makes it lightweight but considerably strong.


  • Made from durable lightweight aluminium that is resistant to corrosion, heat, cold and body fluids
  • Seamless construction allows easy cleaning
  • Small, compact construction to allow easy access to awkward low spaces, making moving the casualty easy


  • It eliminates body roll manoeuvres, significantly decreasing movement of the cervical spine
  • Keeps the casualty immobilised
  • Safety locks allow fast uncoupling of one or both ends
  • Designed to work with a head immobiliser
  • Easy to store – designed to save on valuable ambulance space
  • Safe and secure – with four speedclip straps (supplied) to keep the casualty firmly but gently secured
  • Ergonomic operator handles – designed to support correct posture for lifting
  • Adjustable length – telescopic tubes allow length adjustments - additionally it can be split into two pieces


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