Oxygen pipeline system

Option code:OXYFIT


The hospital medical gas pipeline source is the primary source for the anaesthesia gas machine.

Oxygen is produced by fractional distillation of liquid air and is stored as a liquid in a large flask.

Safety systems and regulators send oxygen to the hospital pipeline; which is therefore the "normal working pressure" of the anaesthesia gas machine.


  • Aluminum "E" size pin index oxygen cylinder
  • Pin index oxygen regulator
  • Oxygen variflow selector valve with male oxygen probe (0-15 litres/ min)
  • Oxygen tubing fitted to the vehicle with 2 oxygen outlet (schrader) sockets
  • One oxygen therapy tube


  • Primary source for the anaesthesia gas machine
  • Schrader sockets provide the female connection for the variflow selector valve and range of ventilators/resuscitators


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