This is a basic motorist first aid kit as recommended by the British Red Cross. It is conveniently packed within a zipped bag.


  • • 20cm x 8cm x 10cm, 0.33kg


  • • An ideal tool to administer first aid.
  • • Contains an adequate selection of the items required when dealing with a first aid situation.
  • • Helps deal with first aid situations effectively.
  • • Contents are easily replaced.


  • 1x Adhesive Tape 5m x 2.5cm
  • 14x Adhesive Bandages
  • 1x First Aid Dressing Bandage 6cm x 8cm
  • 2x First Aid Dressing Bandage 8cm x 10cm
  • 1x First Aid Dressing Bandage 10cm x 12cm
  • 1x Absorbent Non-Woven Compress 60 x 80cm
  • 2x Elastic Bandage 6cm x 4m
  • 3x Elastic Bandage 8cm x 4m
  • 6x Absorbent Non-Woven Compress 10cm x 10cm
  • 1x First Aid Blanket 160cm x 210cm
  • 2x Cleansing Wipes 12.5cm x 18cm
  • 1x Triangular Bandage 96cm x 96cm x 136cm
  • 1x Scissors
  • 4x Disposable Vinyl Examination Gloves
  • 2x Disposable Medical Masks - Type I
  • 1x First Aid Manual (D, GB, F, I, TR, E, RO)



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