First aid bag including airways kit

Option code:FIR


This is a first response kit including Guedal airways kit, supplied within a soft nylon bag.


  • Extensive, replacable content
  • Rugged nylon bag
  • Guedel airways kit


  • An ideal tool to administer first response
  • Contains an adequate selection of the items required when dealing with a first response situation
  • Helps deal with first response situations effectively


  • 1x Lightweight, easy-to-clean soft bag
  • 1x Instant relief ice pack 100g
  • 1x Stainless steel universal shears 19cm
  • 1x 5 inch stainless steel splinter forceps
  • 12x Safety pins
  • 1x Disposable pen torch
  • 4x Sterile triangular bandage
  • 4x Medium dressing 12cm x 12cm
  • 4x Large dressing 18cm x 18cm
  • 1x Major trauma dressing
  • 1x Immobilisation splint
  • 2x Ambulance dressing No. 3
  • 2x Ambulance dressing No. 4
  • 2x Survival foil blankets
  • 2x Conforming bandages 7.5cm x 4.5m
  • 1x Conforming bandage 10cm x 4.5m
  • 1x Crepe bandage 10cm x 4.5m
  • 1x Major trauma dressing 10cm x 1.8cm
  • 5x Gauze swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm (Pack of 5)
  • 1x Zinc oxide strapping tape 2.5cm x 5m
  • 4x Eye pad dressings
  • 20x Moist saline cleansing wipes
  • 6x Nitrile, powder-free examination gloves (pair)
  • 20x Assorted fabric plasters
  • 5x Eye irrigation pods 20ml
  • 5x Bio-hazard clinical waste sacks
  • 1x Resuscitation shield with filter valve
  • 4x Guedel airways kits (sizes 3, 4, 5 & 6)


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