P.A system with siren

Option code:PA


This system which includes a siren acts as a warning system and is designed to alert the public about possible danger or announcements.

This accessory includes a public address system, 4-tone siren and a 50W speaker. It is the dual function of this compact product that has made it so popular with our customers.

The amplifier is small and can be fitted discreetly. The four tones are controlled by a switch in the handheld remote microphone or EMS panel.

It is normally mounted under the bonnet of our Land Cruiser ambulance and behind the front bumper of our Hiace ambulance.


  • Four tones: Wail, yelp, Hi-Lo and air horn
  • Full 50W P.A facility
  • Plug-in microphone with modular connections
  • Toggle button on microphone control tones


  • Suitable warning system to alert public about danger announcements
  • Small in size which allows the device to be fitted discretely
  • Can potentially prevent accidents


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