Map lamp

Option code:MAP


Our map lamp is the perfect solution for those late nights travelling in your vehicle. This neat and convenient light has a flexible stalk neck that allows the light to be directed away from the drivers’ vision. It produces a high intensity, glare-free light perfect for use with maps, directions or even reading a book.

Other than its use in the pillion section, it can be used as illumination in other areas such as in the patient area of our ambulance conversion.

This model is for permanent fixing onto the vehicle.


  • Includes a 195mm flexible fitting
  • On/off switch incorporated
  • Supplied with a 12V/5W bulb


  • Increased road safety through the use of innovative lighting technology: e.g. Xenon and LED
  • Increased quality/reliability due to zero-fault quality management. Highly reliable item, rarely fails
  • Easy to use additional internal light source


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