Flashing LED warning lights

Option code:WL


Visual awareness is a primary safety issue when working in an area where there are vehicles circulating.

Our warning lights increase the conspicuity of the vehicle, allowing other drivers and pedestrians to see a vehicle's presence, size, position, direction of travel and the driver's intentions regarding direction and speed of travel.

They also warn drivers and indicate priority of movement in traffic.


  • Red-blue alternating flash patterns
  • 22 flash patterns
  • Flush mountable
  • NPIA, ECE Reg65, EC Directives and EMC Reg10 approved
  • Width: 33mm
  • Height: 25mm
  • Length: 115mm


  • Additional driver and pedestrian awareness
  • Increased visual presence
  • Assists traffic flow in emergency situations
  • Long lasting and energy efficient
  • Lights can be easily synchronized


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