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Improvements to Marine Insurance policy

TGS carry out the logistics for the delivery of the vast majority of the vehicles we supply to our customers. This involves a massive team effort to ensure that vehicle shipments are competitively priced and delivered safely and in a timely manner. The TGS team takes care of the detail including the arrangement of marine insurance to cover vehicles and parts whilst they are in transit to the final destination (when we ship using CIP or CIF shipping terms).

TGS is pleased to announce the following improvements to our marine insurance policy:

  • The insurance excess has reduced from £1,500 to £1,200 each and every loss
  • Spare parts shipments will benefit from a separate excess clause as below:

    • 5% of shipment value with minimum excess of £250 and maximum of £1,200 each and every loss

  • Acts of God cover included (damage caused by hail, lightning etc)

All orders which include insurance (CIP & CIF) shipped in 2017 will now benefit from these new terms.

Please contact the TGS After Sales Team for further information about these changes and any other After Sales matter.