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The TGS Fleet Services Team has a combined total of over 125 years of expertise. This covers the areas of technical vehicle knowledge, fleet management, humanitarian and aid responsibilities, security and educational training. Our strong partnerships with TerraMar Networks and international aid organisations enhance our capabilities to deliver bespoke fleet-related solutions throughout the operational spectrum; the last mile to Headquarters.

As for our fleet management and training services, we offer a range of learning outcomes, expertise, consultation, and assessments depending on the requirements and operations of our clients.

"Flexible and adaptable to clients’ needs, TGS creates tailor-made training programmes as we recognise that each customer has their own unique requirements."

TGS aim to uphold the Toyota philosophy and culture. This means that our values and vision steer our fleet services towards continuous improvement; Kaizen, the quality and reliability of the Toyota brand and, the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

There are 7 areas in which we offer and provide fleet management services, and these are: 4x4 driving, mechanics, fleet management, road safety, online learning, bespoke ad hoc training, and research and development. Our expertise adopts a hands-on, demonstrative and coaching approach usually in the client’s operating location and upon a client’s request.

Calendrier de formation

Cours disponibleLieuxDatesLangues
Formation de Formateur de Chauffeur Qualifié (FFCQ)Sri Lanka18th – 22nd Sept Anglais
Formation avancée à la conduite Défensive (FACD)Sénégal13th – 16th SeptFrançais
Formation de Formateur de Chauffeur Qualifié (FFCQ) Sénégal18th - 22nd SeptFrançais
Formation avancée à la conduite Défensive (FACD)Thaïlande1st - 4th Nov Anglais
Formation de Formateur de Chauffeur Qualifié (FFCQ) Thaïlande6th - 10th Nov Anglais
Formation avancée à la conduite Défensive (FACD)Pakistan21st - 25th Nov Anglais
Formation de Formateur de Chauffeur Qualifié (FFCQ)Pakistan27th – 30th Nov Anglais

Équipe des Services de Flotte


Jean-Philippe Lezeau

Responsable des Services de Flotte

+350 200 59192 ext. 5275

+34 647 899 730


Langues parlées:fruk


Catherine Richardson

Assistant Responsable

+350 200 59165

+34 620 504 397


Langues parlées:ukes


Valerian Lemoine

Technical & Operational Manager

+350 200 59192 ext. 5277

+34 697 444 557


Langues parlées:fruk


Daniel Hardy

Road Safety Program Manager

+350 200 59100 ext. 5278

+1 506 253 8973


Langues parlées:uk


Yanal Shoumenn

Trainer & Administrative Support

+962 7 9777 9709


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Miquel Armengol

Fleet Management Advisor

+ 34 654920795


Langues parlées:esukfr