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Top Tips About Tyres!

This month Jean-Philippe Lezeau (Technical & Fleet Training Manager) and Valerian Lemoine (Technical Training Advisor) provide us with their favourite top tips for Tyres!

Tyres are often overlooked as an item of a vehicle. TGS believes that tyres are instrumental for vehicles for many safety reasons! Every vehicle manufacturer specifies the recommended wheel and tyre combination. Factors to consider include the permissible total mass, maximum speed and vehicle use. When considering changing tyres specific knowledge is required regarding the technical limitations of the vehicle and also the compliance of legal regulations.

Always inspect your tyres

Correct tyre pressure: Correct tyre pressure for your intended trip and load you carrying

Checking tyre pressure:

Tyre pressure should be checked once a month at minimum for a private owner.

For a professional driver, tyre pressure should be checked at minimum one a week.

Inspect for any damage: For visible cracks or unusual wear

Rotate your tyres on regular basis following owner’s manual recommendations

When tyres are changed, important to buy a tyre with the technical specification recommended for the vehicle and rim’s you have

Wheels should always be balanced

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