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Successful Fleet and Driver Training in Sierra Leone

TGS returned a second time to Sierra Leone to assist World Hope International with their mission to complete training their drivers and improve their overall fleet management operations and capabilities.

The training course consisted of a one-day Fleet Management session followed a four-day Driver Training session.

Six participants; 4 from Freetown and 2 from Liberia attended the Fleet Management session to develop their role as a Fleet Manager with the use of various online tools as well taking part in practical problem solving situations. The overall aim was to improve on fleet management operations and efficiencies to ensure a sustainable fleet.

A further sixteen participants took part in the Driver Training session which included practical off-roading, use of vehicle options, road safety and eco-driving techniques. Wet driving conditions posed challenging experiences, however the participants did well achieving the learning outcomes.

As part of our training team’s expertise, our technical trainers provided support to assess their fleet vehicles. This consultation helped to provide World Hope International the analysis by undertaking vehicle inspections, explaining the use of tracking systems and the impact towards key performance indications to manage their fleet.