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Fleet Forum Virtual Conference

Want to improve your Fleet Management?

Challenges are evident when managing a fleet. There are costs to control, assets to maintain, and employees to safe-guard and keep committed to their roles and responsibilities. This leaves little room for error. For fleet managers to stay on budget and keep their operations progressing they need to make their fleet more resourceful.

The Virtual Fleet Forum Annual Conference June 22 – 23 collaborates with fleet related experts specifically in the aid community to discuss the way forward to improve fleet related constraints.

This year’s theme is “The Road Ahead: Engage, Share & Learn”, stressing the importance of our fleet management community in these exciting times. The Agenda Steering Groups, consisting of Fleet Forum members, have identified topics to be featured:

Why now is the time to clean and green your fleet?

The future of fleet is carsharing.

Benchmarking as a method to enhance your fleets’ performance.

Learning from experts

Join us to engage in discussions regarding initiatives with experts and those with practical learnt experiences regarding fleet management and fleet operations.

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