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Driver Training in Cameroon

Last month our Training team travelled to Cameroon to conduct a driver training programme for 54 drivers. The organisation that the drivers work for provides support to the local area by focusing on conserving tropical forests and protected areas, by harmonising the environment for humans and animals. Their aim is to promote sustainable resource management and biodiversity protection in Cameroon.

The organisation also works on rural developments to guarantee food security and increase employment opportunities. To achieve this, they support other partners to turn subsistence farming into an agricultural sector that is profitable as well as socially and environmentally sustainable and they rely extensively on vehicles to achieve the above goals to ensure their projects and missions are met.

According to the World Bank Group, Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF), 66% of all road crash fatalities, in Cameroon, are from 4-wheeled vehicles. Fully aware of this alarming statistic the organisation reviewed their vehicle fleet and drivers and identified poor vehicle use and maintenance as the source affecting the longevity of their vehicles which was impacting on their missions.

With a shared vision, of developing others to be the best they can be, the organisation contacted TGS to evaluate their drivers abilities and propose a certified driver training course. This investment will help to reduce the risk of their drivers being involved in accidents as well increase the longevity of their fleet of vehicles.

Jean-Philippe Lezeau, our Technical & Fleet Training Manager, travelled to Cameroon to successful conduct the certified driver training course, with 54 professional drivers achieving the Driver Competency Certification. As result of the success of this training course, the organisation has been quick to realise the benefits of the training and as has requested Jean-Philippe travel to Cameroon once again to training a further 29 drivers.