Frosted filmFrosted film for windows

Code option :FROST


When transporting a patient in an ambulance, it is important to safeguard the patient's privacy and security. Our frosted film option improves patient area privacy whilst reducing glare, without sacrificing illumination.


  • Appearance: White
  • Visible light transmission: 75%
  • Solar energy rejection: 24%
  • Exterior reflectance: 18%
  • Interior reflectance: 19%
  • Shading coefficient: 0.88
  • Solar heat gain coefficient: 0.76
  • U-factor NFRC: 1.10
  • Solar absorption: 11%
  • Glare reduction: 16%


  • Improves ambiance
  • Enhances security and privacy
  • Lessens sun glare, but not illumination
  • Filters ultra violet rays
  • Helps maintain patient area temperature by blocking heat from the sun
  • Protects internal equipment from the sun
  • Prevents splintering of the glass in case of a breakage
  • Improves the external appearance of the ambulance


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