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TGS Technical Training review 2017

Vehicle related training and fleet best practice remains an important element with our customers in the humanitarian community. More and more customers are recognising the importance of the training investment for their fleet operations.

In 2017 the TGS Technical Training Department conducted 24 training events, in 14 different countries, with well over 330 participants (334 to be exact).

(Mozambique, Mali, Uganda, Bangladesh, Senegal, Nepal, Gambia, Cameroon, Burundi, Congo, Kenya, France, Liberia, and Spain.

The training has been a blend of hands-on and classroom theory sessions, covering the areas on driver road safety, mechanical preventive maintenance, fleet management and vehicle recovery training, depending on the needs of the organisations.

2018 is looking to be another interesting year for the Technical Training Department. Later in 2018, TGS, in cooperation with Fleet Forum and Bioforce, hopes to implement a certified competency drivers courses which we hope will pave the way for raising the driving standards in the humanitarian community.

If your organisation would like to discuss the opportunity for TGS to train your members in the field then please don't hesitate to contact the training department by email who would be happy to explain the courses that are available as well the benefits to your organisation.

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