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TGS Technical Training Haiti 2018

In September TGS was contracted to carry out a technical training programme for World Vision (WV) following on from those carried out in Kenya last year.

This time the requested location was Haiti where WV have a large fleet of over 90 vehicles.

The emphasis was to be on the general servicing of vehicles and emergency repairs.

The training was to be carried out at the WV HQ in Port Au Prince. This included a new workshop area fitted with a vehicle lift, tyre equipment and an air compressor.

In attendance would be the TGS technical director carrying out the training and accompanied by the World Vision worldwide fleet manager who would be advising the trainees from a World Vision perspective.

From the local staff there would be two mechanics who currently carry out the repairs in this location and three from the outer districts who were being evaluated.

TGS had also arranged for a comprehensive tool kit to be delivered prior to the arrival of the training team.

The training was held over a three-day period.

Haiti is a very difficult environment for vehicles with heavy congested traffic in the main towns plus very bad roads in the outlying areas so vehicles have a hard working life.

On the morning of day one, a classroom session was used to explain the programme for the week. This led into a discussion about the important topics of health and safety in the workshop and the importance of preventive maintenance.

After lunch the participants proceeded to the workshop area where a range of vehicle case studies were waiting.

Then for the next two and a half days’ time was spent with each of the attendees judging their technical capabilities to carry out such work as required on the fleet of vehicles.

During this time many issues were found with the vehicles and suitable rectification was carried out.

Upon return to Gibraltar, the TGS trainer completed a report, which outlined the work carried out and an evaluation of the facilities with some recommendations and an evaluation of each of the participants.