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TGS Technical training - GIZ case study

Driver Operations in Mali - Investment and Development

Executive Summary

GIZ Mali believed that Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings could provide a solution for their vehicle fleet through the investment of technical training. After the civil unrest in 2015 GIZ Mali encountered the misfortune that some of their operational vehicles were stolen. Humanitarian operations were laboured, and the need to replace such vehicles was paramount. Such financial investment meant that new stock needs to be looked after. When the opportunity came up to train their fleet drivers, GIZ jumped on the concept of a Road Safety & Fleet Management training.

About GIZ

GIZ provides sustainable and effective solutions as an experienced service provider to assist the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation. GIZ Mali conducts activities to help build the capacities of the country’s central government, public authorities, municipalities, civil society organisations and the private sector.

Topics: GIZ, GIZ Mali, Capacity Building, Humanitarian Aid, German Government, Sustainability, Mali.

- Germany is one of Mali’s most important development partners.

- GIZ Mali – 10 international staff, 130 national personnel, 1 development worker and 1 CIM expert working in Mali. GIZ Mali

The Challenges

During the civil unrest, some fleet assets were stolen. GIZ Mali’s operations were effected to some degree. They identified problem areas with their fleet such as environmental constraints; driving difficulties in harsh terrain and driving behaviour. A key issue was identified, and related to the preventative maintenance of these vehicles seeing that new stock had to replace stolen stock. This concept of preventive maintenance also provoked GIZ HQ’s, the notion to invest in a tailor made training course specific to the requirements and operations in Mali.

The solution

GIZ Mali contacted TGS to identify what solutions could be offered to improve fleet operations. Based on discussions and collaborative analysis, TGS provided a tailor made course providing solutions in road safety, driving principles, preventive vehicle maintenance, best driving practices and vehicle recovery.

Show the results

All national staff participants gained the required knowledge and met the course objectives. TGS recommended 4 participants who exceled in all aspects of the course and were considered to be the drivers’ point of contact for technical driver information and support.

Six months after the first course GIZ embarked on a second training event. Humanitarian operations were on the increase and so were the numbers of vehicle assets and drivers. Seeing the positive results and technical implementation, 2 of the 4 participants on the first course undertook an advance course. Technical improvements and general attitudes towards the learnt concepts were outstanding and implemented throughout all vehicle related operations.


Thanks for the report, it provides a useful instrument for some safety related lobbying.

I’d also like to thank you and Jean-Philippe for the quality of your work. I hope we’ll manage to organize a second round and that we’ll meet once more.