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TGS Technical Training Events – Guinea and Senegal

GIZ continues with their training endeavours to invest in their standardised driver training with the Safe 4x4 Driving Certification course.

At the start of January 2020, our team trained a total of 19 drivers in Guinea. This has now been our third visit to GIZ Guinea to train their increasing numbers of drivers for GIZ local projects.

Then, after a 2 week break, during the month of February 2020, two TGS trainers departed for Dakar, Senegal. GIZ Senegal embarked on their first driver training course, the Safe 4x4 Driving Certification course. Two TGS trainers spent 2 weeks in Dakar covering 2 courses to train a total of 31 drivers.

As with other GIZ locations, both locations gained technical improvements to implement vehicle and road safety concepts with all their vehicle-related operations.