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TGS Sponsors the Fleet Forum Driver Recognition Programme

The Fleet Forum Driver Recognition Programme is an annual competition that assesses the driving abilities and identifies the critical role drivers have in the sustainability and health and safety goals of aid and development organisations.

TGS sponsored the welcome drinks and dinner on the opening evening and provided support with the off-road circuit, issued guidelines for the assessors and participated in the assessments. TGS Fleet Management Advisor Jean-Philippe Lezeau represented TGS by providing this technical support.

The programme has been running since February this year, with over 620 drivers taking part from 13 organisations in 11 East African countries. In the final round of the competition that took place between 19th and 21st May in Lukenya, Nairobi, Kenya, 12 humanitarian organisations participated. At the end of the competition, Save the Children were declared winners with World Food Programme and World Vision close behind in second and third place respectively.

The format for the competition was as follows:

  • Participating organisations nominate their drivers (4x4) based on eligibility criteria
  • Before the finals Fleet Forum worked with each participating agency to identify their best driver, who then went to represent their agency in the final event.
  • Each driver was accompanied by their senior representative who assisted as a “co-driver” to support in the competitions’ off-road challenges.
  • The finals of the Driver Recognition Programme were hosted in Kenya by World Food Programme (WFP) and World Vision under the auspices of Fleet Forum. The aim of the Driver Recognition Programme is to contribute to driver performance, road safety, health and driving knowledge under difficult vehicle driving conditions while showing exemplary driver behaviour – simulated as “a typical day in the life of a driver”.