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TGS Sponsors Fleet Forum Driver Recognition Programme

The Fleet Forum Driver Recognition Programme is an eco- and safe driving competition that recognises the important role that drivers play in the sustainability and health and safety objectives of aid and development organisations.

Click to visit the Fleet Forum website for more inforamtion

The following is the format for the competition

• Participating organisations nominate own light vehicles (sedans / 4x4) drivers based on joint eligibility criteria

• Country qualifying rounds take place, in which practical driving skills and / or driver knowledge are tested and the best driver within a country office is identified

• Final event in which the best drivers from different country offices compete to be the best driver and win the annual Driver Award. The Regional Finals simulate a 'typical day in the life of a driver'

The finals of the Driver Recognition Programme are being hosted in Kenya by WFP and World Vision under the auspices of Fleet Forum. It is hoped that the Driver Recognition Programme contributes to driver performance management as it creates a non-monetary incentive for drivers to show exemplary driver behaviour. TGS Fleet Management Advisor Jean-Philippe Lezeau will facilitate a workshop for participating drivers and we will also sponsor the welcome drinks and main group dinner.